Use our Ganesha Mix….are you feeling nervous, worried, windy, cold & your meals have become irregular?

Ganesha Seasoning Mix is perfect to be added to meals to calm & pacify your stomach when you are feeling nevousness, worried, fear, anxiety, cold & your meals have become irregular.
According to Ayurveda one of the 3 Doshas – Vata is elevated by cold. Cold weather, wind & rain and food. Cold weather dries you out, hands, lips and overall dry skin. Same as if you leave food in the freezer too long it dries out.
Cold is cooling and drying, so all cold things elevate Vata.
Vata needs cooked food, moderately warming spices, soups, hot beverages, and warming foods like meat. Vata should avoid salads in winter, even salads in general.
Using our Ganesha Seasoning mix mixed through your meals, sprinkling Ganesha on top or alternatively mixing 1/2 tsp with 1/2 cup warm water 1/2 hour after lunch or dinner is ideal for pacifying & warming your body!
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Herbs and Spices have been used for thousands of years. They each have their own benefit in supporting the body. Little do we know in the present day the amazing qualities they possess.
The Spice Trading Company does not claim to prevent, diagnose, cure or alleviate a disease, disorder or condition. We are simply advising the benefits of herbs and spices and do not claim them to be therapeutic in nature in accordance with the TGA.

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