“GANESHA”⠀ Balancing – Warming – Clarity – Pacify⠀ *⠀ With HARITAKI & BRAHMI being the main ingredients in this Seasoning Mix you are able to gain some of the many benefits according to Ayurveda.⠀ Haritaki -⠀ Enhances digestion and increases the absorption of nutrients.⠀ *⠀ Reduce excessive acidity.⠀ *⠀ Considered a detoxifier and blood builder in Ayurveda.⠀ *⠀ A rich source of antioxidants.⠀ *⠀ Found to lower blood sugar levels.⠀ *⠀ Often used to treat mouth ulcers and gum disease.⠀ *⠀ Recommended for acne, hair loss and dandruff.⠀ *⠀ Brahmi -⠀ Stress, Anxiety⠀ *⠀ Enhances brain function⠀ *⠀ Lower inflammation⠀ *⠀ Enhances digestion⠀ *⠀ Boost immunity⠀ *⠀ Who is Ganesha?⠀ *⠀ Ganesha is a widely revered Hindu god and son of Shiva. ⠀ *⠀ Since he’s a direct descendent of the “God of Destruction,” Ganesha is said to remove any obstacles that present themselves along the truest, deepest paths of life. He is known to stampede whatever stands in the way so that new beginnings and good fortune can unfold.⠀ *⠀ Ganesha’s ability to overcome anything to get what he wants. ⠀ *⠀ It signifies the past, present and future. Thus, Ganesha symbolizes all existence, which is precisely why he’s ready and able to smash away anything that stands in its way.⠀ *⠀ Please visit our website – for further information on our stockists that carry our latest range – Ayurvedic Seasoning Mixes or shop online!⠀⠀ *⠀ ⠀ Herbs and Spices have been used for thousands of years. They each have their own benefit in supporting the body. Little do we know in the present day the amazing qualities they possess.⠀ *⠀ ⠀ The Spice Trading Company does not claim to prevent, diagnose, cure or alleviate a disease, disorder or condition. We are simply advising the benefits of herbs and spices according to Ayurveda.⠀

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