Wild Beetroot & Onion Pasta Dough Recipe

I love putting a new twist on a classic dish and our Wild Beetroot & Onion gourmet blend adds “WOW” to traditional homemade pasta dough. The flavour is sublime and the colour is gorgeous. Just add our Wild Beetroot & Onion seasoning to your favourite pasta recipe or try the one below.

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Layered Salad in A Jar with Dreamy Carrot & Nutmeg Vinaigrette

dreamy carrot nutmeg gourmet dip spice mix

The vibrant colours and textures of a layered salad in a jar look impressive and it’s easy to take to a picnic or barbeque. Creating the salad is a fun way to get your kids involved in meal preparation. My son Zac likes to create a “Rainbow Salad” with his favourite veggies and dressed with his favourite Dreamy Carrot & Nutmeg vinaigrette.

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Herbs that Heal – Natural Remedies

Herbs that Heal – Natural Remedies | What is a Herb and how are they used? Botanically, a herb is a plant with a non-woody stem which withers and dies down after flowering. In common usage, however, the term applies to all plants whose leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruits or seeds have culinary or medicinal uses.

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