Health Benefits of Rockin’ Moroccan Medley Gourmet Blend

Rockin’ Moroccan Medley Gourmet Blend

Health benefits of herbs & spices.  Rockin’ Moroccan Medley Gourmet Blend is one of the greatest spice mixes you can find out there!  The ‘medley’ in its name is a great pointer to the fact that this spice comes with a multitude of nutritional components and health boosting properties more than money can buy. What makes a spice great is not only in the flavour it brings into your meal, but the health benefits it packs into it at the same time. With Rockin’ Moroccan Medley Gourmet Blend, you can be sure of all of that and even more. With this blend, you are having it all. It has ingredients such as cumin, paprika, ginger, coriander, fennel, turmeric, cinnamon, caraway, nutmeg, galangal, cardamon, cayenne and allspice.  A look at the benefits of some of these ingredients will amaze you.  Order your Rockin’ Moroccan blend here!

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is sort after for its great health benefits. It contains some wonderful properties that assists with your immune system and improves breathing.  It is known to break down toxins that accumulate within your body.  It is a natural remedy for severe nausea as well as treating a simple tummy ache.  Due to its hot potency it boosts the metabolism and aids in weight loss and improves blood circulation.  Ginger is an essential super food that should be incorporated into every meal.  It has numerous properties that are almost too many to mention but it can also assists in helping any muscle pain and soreness, lowering blood sugar, thereby strengthening your heart against any form of disease. Having ginger in your meals/snacks each day you can be assured that you are putting pure goodness into your body.

Benefits of Coriander

The health benefits of coriander seeds (ground) includes regulating blood sugar levels, improves digestion and heart health, weight loss, skin and hair care and boosts immunity. Coriander is very rich in vitamins.

Benefits of Turmeric

Some of the many benefits of Turmeric include the following – relieves pain, aids in digestion, circulation, natural anti inflammatory, detoxifies blood & skin.

Benefits of Caraway

This is another awesome ingredient that this spice mix contains. Caraway is known to fight against body bloating, heartburn and constipation. This means that apart from giving you great health benefits, when caraway is in your meal, you do not have to bother about chronic indigestion. Caraway also regulates your urination. Above all, caraway is used to boost your appetite!

You can use Rockin’ Moroccan Medley in your daily meal, use as a seasoning on top or a delicious gourmet dip!  You will simply love using this spice. Order your blend here.

Holy Chilli Guacamole

Health Benefits of Holy Chilli Guacamole Gourmet Blend

Holy Chilli Guacamole Gourmet Blend

Health benefits of herbs & spices.  The Holy Chilli Guacamole Spice Mix is perfect for spicing up your meal for a revitalized taste. Holy Chilli Guacamole heightens your frequented meal, you would think you were eating something entirely new!  Simply sprinkle the blend on to your favourite fish, chicken dish, steak or on your smashed avocado! The spice is also perfect for a Mexican flavour or a delicious guacamole. The blend comes with many herbs and spices that contribute greatly to your health. These ingredients are garlic, onion, coriander, cumin and cayenne pepper.  A look at the benefits of a couple of these ingredients.  Order your spice mix here!

Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is an anti aging super food.  It is hot, cleansing, a cardiac tonic, a digestive, good for the eyes & vision, improves hair strength and quality, useful in cough & respiratory ailments including asthma.  Garlic is known to take care of most issues in the bodies systems.  Garlic is nourishing, acts as a heart tonic, a brain tonic and an aphrodisiac.  It is also known to lower cholesterol levels and cleanse the blood.  The best thing is that your Holy Chilli Guacamole Spice Mix contains this and much more.

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is another great ingredient that the Holy Chilli Guacamole Gourmet Spice Mix contains. Cayenne pepper is believed to be a rich repository of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, potassium, and manganese.  It is known to reduce arthritic pain, boost digestion, treat sore throats, improve blood circulation, reduce congestion, lower cholesterol levels, relieve respiratory ailments.  In general assists in boosting the immune system.

The Holy Chilli Guacamole Gourmet Blend is extremely versatile with the added benefits of using the spice mix to add flavour to any meals or using it as a delicious guacamole.  Great for any occasion!  Order you Holy Chilli Guacamole Spice Mix now.


Health Benefits of Perky Pumpkin & Chilli Gourmet Blend


Health benefits of herbs & spices.  Perky Pumpkin & Chilli Gourmet Blend is the spice mix for achieving great delicacy in a quick and easy meal combining Pumpkin, Chilli, Cumin & Coriander, Onion and Garlic…. This is when you can be said to have been successful in your meal!  Some examples of using the Perky Pumpkin includes a delicious gourmet dip simply by adding your choice of dairy or a non dairy option, soup, quiche, frittata, making a light curry by adding veg, fish, poultry, meat, tofu if desired and coconut milk or add to your favourite scone recipe!

Pumpkin & Chilli Gourmet is a great spice mix that goes in all kinds of delicious meals/snacks. It is a wonderful addition to your culinary recipe secret. This spice makes you the master of your kitchen. Order your spice mix here.

Perky Pumpkin & Chilli Gourmet Dip Spice Mix does not only add a different tasty edge to your old meal, but it gives you combined taste of some natural spices everyday food should contain. The beautiful thing is that this spice gives you great health benefits than you can never imagine because it contains some very great ingredients like coriander, cumin, chilli, onion and garlic. Let’s see some of the health benefits of two ingredients in this Gourmet Blend.

Benefits of Cumin

Cumin is extremely beneficial to your health. It is one of the main ingredients in the Perky Pumpkin & Chilli Spice Mix. It assists in digestion, indigestion, abdominal pain and is a carminative. Cumin is also a good source of iron and vitamin C and other minerals that is essential in having a healthy immune system. It is good for respiratory disorders and insomnia due to its relaxing properties. Above all, since ancient times cumin is essential in everyday cooking in order to have a strong immune system to fight disease.

Benefits of Chilli

Perky Pumpkin & Chilli Gourmet Dip Spice Mix contains the right amount of chilli, so you can be sure you are consuming the right proportion for your bodies systems. Chilli is known to increase the red blood cells because it contains iron and copper that fight against any form of fatigue. Chilli always improves the health of your brain as it makes it function well. When you have the right amount of chilli, you do not have to worry about nasal congestion and respiratory ailments. Chilli also builds your immune system to fight against diseases and sicknesses.

Pumpkin & Chilli Gourmet Dip Spice Mix is a great spice mix that goes in all kinds of delicious meals/snacks. It is a wonderful addition to your culinary recipe secret. This spice mix makes you the master of your kitchen. Order yours now here.